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Jan 15, 2013 6:00pm PST
, cradle of create activity. >> this with you will use pro fessers to marry the best of technology and teachings in a online platform. >> i'll be communicating with students via chat, tutoring them. >> cost is just $150. there is a mandate to reach out to under served high school students. allen likes the idea. >> i feel like it may be cheaper for me, i like online courses because it helps me focus more. >> the governor is convinced ji to improve access reducing costs is critical to solving the state's education crisis. >> it's an experiment. we're going to learn together that. is how i thil thi we'll succeed. >> classes will be limited to 100 students each. >> two, three, it's going to be better. >> the classes begin at the end of the month and the ceo says other states are already >> and the governor will attend a session in which the university of california system will consider expanding it's online offerings. uc spent $4 million to market the idea only one person wasn't a student has signed up for any of the 14 courses. >> san francisco festival goers should expect a change in
Jan 17, 2013 6:00pm PST
and tablet chz do not. santa clara county the best performing area. estimating every new technology job creates five others. good news for construction agency, builders began working on new homes and last year turned out to be the best year for residential construction since 2008. the news lit a fire under wall street today. dow jones rose 84 points. >> of yelp launched a new feature, right next to hours of operation and review saz link showing the ratings from san francisco health department. how clean is the place? users can click to see what score a restaurant got and see what vile yaigsz are on record. the company says access to restaurant health ratings cuts down on food poisonings. >> in the year following they found that incidents of food boern hospitalizations dropped by 13%. we can see this as an opportunity to enhance lives of communities. >> creating a standard that will now be yuk used so other city was post ratings as well. >> we have more for you here on abc 7 news. coming up next, girlfriend hoax involving notre dame football star with an expert on whether he may have bee
Jan 18, 2013 6:00pm PST
are great opportunities. how do you think about what you're going to do when using media and technology. >> do your parents know what is going on on the internet? >> sometimes. not really. >> students learned about privacy, a key lesson, considering popularity of facebook intsagram. >> just ahead rescue of dozens of hostages in algeria. the trade terrorists want to make for americans still being held. >> a surprising new discovery on the dream liner. turns out fires on board may be result of oakland charging batteries. >> from sanford a leading expert weighs in on the intersection of the martin luther king holiday and inauguration day. stay with us. the news at 6:00 continues. >>> the obama administration confirms tonight one american is kaed, several others still being held hostage. the hostages being neld a natural gas complex in a remote section of the country. at least 12 hostages from various other countries have been killed despite a rescue effort. militants targeted the plant wednesday, it's unclear at this point how many remain. >> will not rest until we restore security to this
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3